The modern day evolvement of technology has also found its way into security systems. One of such systems is the smart lock devices. Smart homes are becoming increasing popular and smart homes requires smart locks. Also, in the hospitality industry, security is the utmost priority of hotel owners around the world because of expensive facilities and equipment coupled with the varying profiles of different individuals who patronizes them.

In a more concise term, smart locks are electrically powered locks that mostly operates wirelessly. Most hotels these days makes proper use of the smart door lock system as a key component of their larger security architecture.

Operating a smart lock can be done in various ways: which includes fingerprint, smart card, keypad, one time password (OTP) and mechanical key. Users of smart locks don’t necessarily needs the mechanical key. It is just one of the options but these devices just intended for doors to have more features and be generally secured.

Choosing a very good brand for your smart locks can be tasking but here, we hugely recommends Pulmos and Douwin smart door locks because of the advanced technological solutions they possesses.

Pulmos and Douwin are production companies that produces state of the art smart door locks which uses the advanced technologies earlier talked about and Artificial Intelligence. Their locks are designed to give security to everything in hotels ranging from elevators, doors, rooms, safes and windows.

How do they work?

These smart locks are battery-powered. The battery life depends on the frequency of usage, lock type and most importantly, the battery type.

With a mifare smart card, the card can be configured through the encoder and assigned its room number and other designations. If it comes with a keypad, a code can be set. Most modern smart locks will connect to your home’s internet services.

What value does smart door locks offer?

The ability to lock and unlock your door from anywhere remotely is a crucial factor in getting a smart door lock system. Most smart door locks manufacturers like Pulmos has an app which can be downloaded on phones, these apps are used to lock or unlock your smart locks. The apps are configured with the locks. You can even pair your smart lock with a doorbell camera so you can be sure of who you’re letting in and their time/period of departure.

Also, it is easier to integrate your smart lock to your other smart devices at homes or offices.

How secure are they?

Smart locks are generally more secure than traditional locks. It is more secure than someone picking your locks and open your doors. It is easier for traditional locks to be damaged physically when its keys are lost but smart locks requires more than just mechanical locks.

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