Pedal Push Button


Reference: WAN141011563
Product Code: TT163HF
Product Name: Foot Switch Pedal. TT163HF. Home Security Alarm System
Product Category: Home Safe. Door Window Alarms. Come with 3-pronged cable (user can connect wires as required)
Replacement Alarm System Foot Switch for our Flexible Shaft Grinder – Also can be used to bank or home security alarm system
Alarm System Foot Pedal features heavy tread on the treadle and a skid-proof base for easy operation
Low-profile shape makes it easy on the user
Tap this Security System Foot Switch once with your foot to turn on the alarm system in urgency situation
Voltage: 10A 250V
Size: about 79 x 80 x 33mm
Approved: CE / FCC. An alarm foot pedal allows you to discretely give the alert during an attack or aggression in a shop, a bank or any place with a counter. If you have a silent alarm connected to a telephone transmitter, this device offers you the possibility of warning the authorities without alerting the aggressor. Output on type NC/NO contact.
NC/NO anti tamper contact


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