Mono Crystalline panel 300W


. According to the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC61215: 2005, IEC61730: 2004 standards for design, and after full testing and demonstration to ensure the quality of components, electrical performance and life requirements.
.using high-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells
. long service life: ≧ 25 years, small attenuation
. no screw built-in corner connection, tight seal, high mechanical strength
. high transmittance glass, high transmittance and high mechanical strength
.the use of sealed waterproof multi-junction box to ensure the safe use of components
. with good weather resistance, wind, hail
. effectively resist moisture and salt spray corrosion, from the geographical environment
. can produce various types of solar module, as well as a variety of combinations with the construction of the double-glass solar module, and can be designed according to user requirements,


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