About Us

Who We Are

We are Netsupport Technologies… Nigeria’s no 1 technology mart, and top quality, turn-key ICT solutions provider. At Netsupport Technologies, we provide top quality, and innovative IT products, support services, and general turn-key solutions to clients from various industries including financial institutions, public sector, real estate, hotel & hospitality, education, oil and gas etc. Our partnerships, combined with our quest for innovation and passion to deliver an exceptional customer experience, have been rewarding and have earned us an enormous amount of goodwill despite the highly competitive terrain of our business environment. Our responsiveness, professional competence and partnership skills are what have continually given us the edge in our service offerings. Our team of dedicated professionals with several years of experience in various fields of information and communication technology, guarantees you always get the best with us.

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Our Mission

To constantly strive to provide innovative and comprehensive security in a cost effective and timely manner

Our Vision

To pro-actively provide and manage sustainable world-class Security Hub, electronic Surveillance solutions, with the guarantee of Close Protection

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